A structured sales plan that focuses on growing the customers that have the highest potential is the key to growing your business.

Venturi allows you to do exactly that. This simple application connects directly with your CRM (Customer Relationship Managment) platform and helps you build a structured sales plan that your team will be able to follow and execute easily using 3 simple steps.

Once customers are qualified, Venturi provides a customized activity plan for each customer category: high potential customers, loyal customers, lower potential customers. This plan can then be executed by the sales team to help them reach their yearly sales objectives.  

Three Simple Steps

1. Segment your customers into specific categories

2. Identify your KEY ACCOUNTS that have the highest growth potential

3. Build your customized action plan 

Venturi suggests activities to populate your sales team calendar to help them generate results.

The Venturi Effect Applied to Sales

If we concentrate the energy of the sales team towards a clear objective using efficient processes, we increase the speed at which they reach their results and reduce the loss of energy.

Focus the Team's Energy

By segmenting your customers into 3 distinct categories:

1. Qualified Prospects

2. High Potential Customers

3. Loyal Customers

You FOCUS your team's ENERGY on the segments that have the HIGHEST  POTENTIAL ROI

Obtain Results

After 10 years of implementing the best sales approaches,  we have noticed an average 18-22% increase in revenues in the first 18 months following the implementation of a strategic customer management strategy. 

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